Catering Services & Meal Plans


     We offer catering services to businesses, athletic teams, and private parties. Our catered platters include trays of wraps (turkey, Italian, veggie, chicken salad, buffalo chicken), any of our cold subs, pasta, salads, garlic knots, and veggie/cheese platters. Pricing for these platters vary. To inquire about pricing for your event, feel free to call us at 603-868-5500 or 603-868-5300 for more information. We are happy to answer any and all questions regarding our catering services.

Meal Plans

25 Meals - $190.00
50 Meals - $370.00
*No delivery on Meal Plans.
*One Meal per visit.

Village Pizza Meal Plan Menu

— Any Small Sub/Wrap/Club/Sandwhich.
     – Comes with side and drink.
     – *Steak Tip sub does not come with a side.

— Any Large Sub.
     – Comes with drink.
     – *Steak Tip Sub is an additional $2.00 charge.

— Baked Ziti or Spaghetti Dinner w/ up to 2 toppings.
     – Comes with side salad, 2 garlic knots and drink.

— All other Pasta Dinners.
     – Comes with side salad, 2 garlic knots and drink.
     – Toppings are an additional $1.00 per topping.

— All Salads.
     – Comes with garlic knots and drink.

— All Dinners.
     – Comes with small salad, side and drink.
     – *Steak Tip Dinner is an additional $2.00.

— Calzones and Small Pizzas.
     – Comes with up to 3 toppings and a drink.
     – More than 3 toppings is an additional $1.00.
     – Large Pizza costs 2 meals.

— Appetizers.
     – 15 Wings with a drink.
     – 10 Wings with a side and a drink.
     – Nachos.

— Side Options.
     – French Fries.
     – Onion Rings.
     – Side Salad.
     – Garlic Bread.
     – 6 Garlic Knots.
     – Mashed Potatoes (*during school year only).
     – Rice (*during school year only).
     – Mac n' Cheese (*during school year only).

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